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Intrinsic Landscaping, Inc is proud to announce its recent acquisition of Higher Ground Green Roofs, LLC!
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Intrinsic Landscaping
Higher Ground Green Roofs, LLC

A decade long journey


Long time friends and former classmates, Megan Meier and Tommy Hileman met at The Ohio State University in 2009, while studying Horticulture. Within this major, they each chose to focus on sustainability, and quickly developed a passion for living roofs. Joining forces, and with the help of many local contractors, they began the implementation of a living roof system at Howlett Hall located on Ohio State's agriculture campus. Upon graduation, Tommy moved to Chicago, continuing his career with Intrinsic Landscaping, Inc - a premier living roof company. Megan founded her own company, Higher Ground Green Roofs, LLC, and completed the living roof at Howlett Hall. Success!

Throughout the years, Megan and Tommy maintained their friendship, and assisted each other in their careers.

Through Higher Ground, Megan successfully designed, built, and maintained numerous projects throughout Ohio while Tommy did the same in Chicago. Fast forward 10 years, Tommy has relocated back to Columbus, tasked with expanding Intrinsic's footprint in Ohio and other surrounding midwest markets.





Intrisic Lanscaping initial Howlett Hall planning

Intrinsic Initial Howlett Hall Planning

Intrinsic Landscaping extensive installation

Intrinsic Extensive Installation

Intrinsic Landscaping Amenity Deck installation

Intrinsic Amenity Deck Installation

Higher Ground Green Roofs, LLC initial Howlett Hall planning

Higher Ground Initial Howlett Hall Planning

Higher Ground Green Roofs, LLC extensive installation

Higher Ground Extensive Installation

Higher Ground Green Roofs, LLC extensive installation

Higher Ground Extensive Installation

Intrinsic Landscaping acquisition of Higher Ground Green Roofs, LLC. Tommy and Megan standing on Howlett Hall Living Roof

Acquisition–standing on Howlett Hall Living Roof

Tommy has had the fortunate opportunity to work with numerous professionals: Engineers, Landscape Architects, Architects, developers and general contractors. He demonstrates a steadfast commitment to installing and maintaining sustainable landscape systems throughout the midwest, and developing skills in contract negotiation, material procurement and delivery, installation, ongoing maintenance and subcontractor management.


He has played a role in over 400 successful living roof, living wall, permeable hardscape and many other sustainable landscape projects.

We are also happy that Megan will continue to be involved and work with Intrinsic on a limited basis.

Intrinsic is excited to help you with your next project.

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