At Higher Ground Green Roofs, we provide a full range of services to meet your needs.

By working closely with our clients we are able to:

DESIGN the best plan to meet your needs

BUILD a reliable system

MAINTAIN the plant life for years to come

We are proud of the work we do and OUR ASSOCIATED PARTNERS.



The success of every green roof begins with a smart design and proper installation. We believe green roofs should be beautiful and cost-effective, using performance based products and techniques to create the most efficient system for your building. Higher Ground does not represent any proprietary green roof system, ensuring a unique, performance-based and affordable green roof every time.

Higher Ground works in an integrated manner to determine the most effective design for your project. We start the process with an analysis of your needs, questions and concerns. A green roof may not be the right solution for every project, but we will help determine if it is right for you.

Keep it simple. With a full understanding of the project goals, we will design a concept and assemble the best suited team for the job. We make the process simple for you by managing all aspects of Design-Development and Construction.



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We are committed to the highest standards of green roof technology. Once the structural loading capacity of your building has been determined, we begin the Design Development or Design/Build process–from materials sourcing and cost estimates to installation, final inspection and warranty.

By partnering with the most experienced and regarded professionals in the industry, we deliver and maintain a high quality product. Higher Ground understands the importance of coordination and communication through the planning stages and we work hard to stay ahead of schedule and budget during construction.



Yes, green roofs require maintenance! Some less than others.

The first two years of a green roof are considered the establishment period and require more maintenance than subsequent years. As plants establish and spread, they minimize the likeliness of weed growth.

A typical maintenance plan for the first two years my include:

Annual fertilization

Monthly weeding

Periodic irrigation in times of drought


At Higher Ground we know the importance of strong collaborations.

We continue to build partnerships with allied companies as well as ecologically driven small businesses to provide the highest quality service.